About me


I am a crystal skull carver from Brazil with over 35 years experience in designing and carving crystals.

Leandro with one of his crystal skulls

Geraldo Leandro de Souza is a master skull carver from Brazil. Leandro’s fascination for gemstones and art started early in life. As a little boy he loved to search for beryl crystals and tourmalines that the floods brought from the mountains at the farm of his grandfather. He was fascinated by their natural beauty and perfection. As time passed he got more and more interested in stones and when one day he saw a small turtle carved in very clear amethyst he was impressed how someone could make something of such beauty from a stone.  This moment he heard the call to be part of this world of beauty, color and energy provided by minerals and crystals.


When he saw a shop selling cut stones he was there watching for hours, admiring the windows adorned with such beauty, feeling those little gems radiating their energy and admired those little works of art carved in different minerals and colors. There he saw all kinds of animals, shapes of stones, jewelry and decorations, like little treasures and imagined to one day make this the universe of his own existence.


In the mid-80s, in Governador Valadares, the Universe conspired in his favor and he received a job offer in a gemstone workshop near his house. Leandro immediately realized that this was the moment the doors of the mineral universe were opening for him and he immediately accepted the job. Here his apprenticeship in the art of carving in minerals started. This first job did not last long, but the contact with artistic creation and experience in that workshop increased his fascination and desire to live and work with minerals and art.

Once introduced to the mineral Universe, he continued his quest for learning and received a second chance at another studio where he could start learning a trade in which he could develop the gift of working with minerals. Raw material that every day, taught him humility and patience to climb step by step the long ladder of learning and knowledge, a ladder that has no end.

At the end of the 80s, he was invited to work in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the “Marvelous City”, a huge challenge for a young artisan from the interior of Minas Gerais. Facing the challenge, believing in the possibility of professional and human development even without exactly understand the difficulties, risks and the amplitude of such transformation in his life, he accepted.

Years later he returned to Governador Valadares and started his own workshop in his mother’s home. He grew and moved to larger locations a couple of time until he found the current location of Leandro Designs.

Here he carves his crystal skulls and other gemstone carvings with his helpers. His carvings are known for their high quality, fine detail and uniqueness, and the wide
variation of materials and sizes. His unique skills have been earned by over 30 years of constant improvement and refinement of his work with his hands, his heart, and his mind.


“I love art, stones, the people who work with me, and I love knowing that people truly appreciate the sculptures that have been created by my hands.”

~Leandro de Souza